West Coast Swing

Shortly after World War II, when movie studios began cranking out Hollywood musicals, the West Coast Swing was born when choreographers replaced the circular movement of the Jitterbug with movement along a straight line or “slot” so they could place more couples on the floor with losing their faces to the camera. West Coast Swing is considered the “Cadillac of Swing”. There is a lot of freedom to improvise in the dance. Greater emphasis is placed on footwork and music syncopation. WCS is danced to Blues, R&B, Fund, Latin Rhythms, and beach music. Tempos are slower than ECS and Lindy Hop, 82 to 130 BPM. Slow and sexy is what this dance is all about.

  • Basic West Coast Swing (Basic 6 count patterns)

  • Basic Walking patter (walk-walk-Triple Step-Triple Step

  • Followers Underarm Turn

  • Left Side Pass

  • Push Break (also known as the Sugar Push)

  • Started Step (4 count: Triple Step-Triple Step)

  • Sugar Push with Tuck Turn

  • Hustle Turn

  • Side Pass Tuck Turn

  • Underarm Turn to Handshake

  • Left Side Pass from Handshake Position

  • Followers Inside Turn

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