Pricing for Private Lessons & Group Classes.

Party Pricing can be found on the Party page.


To truly understand the posture and style of any dance takes a combination of approaches:  One-on-one training combined with Group classes and Dance Parties. Group classes will teach you steps and some lead and follow.  Dance Parties are a friendly environment to practice what you are learning.  Private lessons are designed to work with the student’s schedule, ability, and desire and have proven to accelerate the learning process.  Whether you are preparing for an upcoming wedding or special event, Private lessons will help you reach your goals.  The emphasis is on making your learning experience fun while you progress at a comfortable pace.

A single private lesson is $115.00. (includes the floor fee)

One Package of 5 lessons help the student save on their lessons.


Private lessons are 45 minutes of dancing with a 10 minute recap of the lesson. Students are encouraged to video tape their lessons for reference and practice.

There is a 24 hour cancellation notice required for all Private lesson appointments. If 24 hours is not given the student will be charged for the hour.




GROUP CLASSES provide a fun and casual way of learning the skills and techniques that will make you a better social dancer. It’s also a great way to get some exercise and meet a variety of new people. Since we rotate partners in group classes, you do not need to bring a partner of your own in order to participate. We strongly believe through rotation you become a better social dancer, have an opportunity to practice your steps with a number of different partners and become familiar with many of the interesting and fun people who participate in our dance classes. If you do not wish to rotate you may dance the Group class with your partner and no one else.

Progressive Syllabus = All Classes review basics in the 1st week and become progressively more difficult in weeks 2 and 3 adding additional moves each week. The 4th week is all about reviewing the almagamation of dance moves and dancing what you have been taught for the month.



$15 per person per class. Please see calendar page for more details

(Intermediate students may attend the Basic Class prior to their class at no additional charge)