Coaches, Mentors, and Training


Cindy-Lee with Angel Figueroa


Cindy-Lee and Hugo with Robert Royston and Phil Dorroll

It is the goal of Cindy-Lee to "pay it forward" by offering the finest most current instruction to every student at all levels of their dance. Every teacher starts their training with Cindy-Lee Overton. The training includes Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Argentine Tango and Hustle.  All teachers must be checked out for their own dance and teaching skills prior to taking on classes or clients. Training is ongoing. Teachers are encouraged to compete on the professional level as well as compete in Pro Ams with their students.

All teachers must achieve accreditation from the top coaches in the world. Some of the coaches that they work with include:

  • 1st Danz mentor and coach West Coast Swing, Latin, Argentine Tango & Ballroom Champion - Angel Figueroa
  • West Coast Swing Intensive with - Angel Figueroa
  • West Coast Swing Intensive with - Mario Robau
  • West Coast Swing Intensive with - Robert Royston
  • Hustle with Billy Fajado, Katie Marlow, Kelvin Roche, Lori Ann Greenhouse,
  • Salsa with Edie the Salsa Freak, Rodney Lopez
  • West Coast Swing with Jordan Frisbee, Robert Cordoba, Debra Szekely, Jennifer DeLuca. 
  • Ms Overton's Argentine Tango coaches- Angel Figueroa, Omar Chiche Ruberto (Click Here for Video Interview).Also Daniela Arcuri, Claudio Villagra & Romina Levin, Viejo Correo, Rebecca Schulman 
  • Dancing Classrooms - Pierre DuLaine

If you are interested in training at the teaching level please contact Cindy-Lee Overton to set up an appointment.  


Cindy-Lee and Hugo at Mario “Swing Daddy” Robau Intensive


Cindy-Lee at Edie “The Salsa Freak” Intensive